The LoCTA Hub provides a flexible and secure search capability with a range of dynamic features including ‘wild card name’ and ‘fuzzy logic’, enabling users to find matches for individuals or businesses that have made alterations to their business name in a bid to avoid detection.

With business rate arrears at an all-time high and recent changes enabling Local Authorities to retain up to 100% of rates collected, LoCTA’s business rates hub provides access to over 5 million business records enabling LA’s to strengthen collection and fraud detection.

LoCTA Plus enables users to run a comprehensive, one-time search against all the ‘person’ data they have access to in the Hub. Results are displayed as exact matches or matches with variable data, resulting in increased hit rates.

LoCTA Quick Search enables users to run searches using data such as telephone number, email or postcode with instant results.


LoCTA’s powerful monitoring capability enables users to flag individuals or businesses and receive alerts when information appears or re-appears in the data hub, alleviating the need to re-run searches.

LoCTA hosts the full UK and NI Voters Roll and offers users the functionality to create an alert against a searched name. LoCTA’s powerful software will perform monthly monitoring of the search criteria and alert users as and when an individual match appears or re-appears in the Hub.

Benefits of Alerts

  • Removes the need to retrace absconders
  • Reduces tracing costs for the Local Authority
  • Provides tailored alerts against your specified information
  • Potential to reduce ‘write-offs’


Batch reports provide an efficient and effective facility for Local Authorities that prefer to work with batch files. Various batch reports are available to trace individuals and check on business rates and SBRR / SBBS with searches run against all of the data sets within the LoCTA Hub.

  • Trace Batch (excellent for any type/age of debt and write-offs)
  • Business Batch (easy to spot businesses with different trading names)
  • SBRR/SBBS also available as batch reports (complements weekly alerts)


LoCTA’s Person Profile feature enables users to flag information from any search in order to build a complete picture of a debtor in a single view. Information is then automatically stored and available to share within nominated Authority groups thereby avoiding duplication of effort and improving efficiency. Information can also be added or amended at a later stage to ensure profiles are always up-to-date.


In addition to the extensive Local Authority and national data sets held within the LoCTA Hub, users can access a range of additional third party data directly from the Hub. These include direct access to Companies House, VOA, Land Registry and Registry Trust reports.

LoCTA’s direct integration with third party data sets enables users to connect to a powerful information Hub designed specifically for the Public Sector and offering live commercial data, including CCJs and fines.


The LoCTA Hub provides users with integrated access to consumer and commercial credit reference agency reports. With preferential rates on consumer CRA reports from TransUnion and Equifax, and commercial CRA reports from Equifax.

These integrated links provide users with a more efficient and cost effective solution for reducing credit reference searches and costs.

A secure and efficient way of tracing debtors and tackling fraud.