Our Testimonials

Sukhy Atwal, Assessment and Recovery Officer


We’ve used the LoCTA Hub for many years, but I’m glad that we’ve had refresher training.

We’ve learned to use the newer features that will really help the team when dealing with things like returned post and tracing debtors.

The features I especially like are:
• The Quick Search, as searching with just a phone number or an email address really is quick and easy.
• LoCTA Plus, so that we can do all the searches in one go.
• NINO Alerts, it’s great to know that the trace is still being done behind the scenes.

Using Profiles is a great way to save everything in one place for a case. We can then save it as a PDF and transfer it to Enterprise. A great time saver.

Having Companies House, Land Registry and Voters Roll in the Hub is excellent, again it’s all about saving time.

The training sessions were really helpful and everything that was covered will help us to be more efficient.

Alison McLavin, Senior Empty Homes Officer

Housing & Regeneration Services
Neighbourhoods, Regeneration and Sustainability (NRS)
Glasgow City Council

We use GCC council tax systems every day to find alternative addresses/contact details for empty homeowners, so LoCTA has been a very useful extension for this. The whole Scottish Empty Homes Officers Network also use the services of genealogist companies to trace owners (it’s a free service we get via SEHP) but LoCTA might reduce the traffic to these very helpful companies as I think they get inundated sometimes.

I have a case where we are in the process of promoting a Compulsory Purchase Order, the only statutory action available for Empty Homes Officers. I did a LoCTA search last week for the Litigation team to evidence the missing owner (who had raised an objection with the Scottish Government) was registered for CT in another authority since 2009. I would have previously emailed my colleagues in CT to carry out the search, but it was so useful being able to do it myself as I knew exactly what I was looking for. I’ve also used the links on LoCTA to Companies House, etc although I already had them as shortcuts on my laptop it was just easy whilst I had it open.

Allana McLuskey, More Homes Officer

Renfrewshire Council

The training on LoCTA Hub was very helpful and easy to follow. Jacqueline was lovely, really enthusiastic and explained all the features in great detail. I’m a first-time user so everything was new and I’ve learned so much that will really help with my job. This system is going to be a great tool in empty homes work.

Robbie Parker, Council Tax Manager


We have many residents that move to neighbouring Local Authorities. Historically it has been difficult to trace these residents however LoCTA enables us to locate these people so we can collect council tax quickly. The product is good value for money and proves critical in allowing us to trace and collect outstanding money in a timely manner.

Jonathan Summers, Senior Environmental Enforcement Officer

Environmental Task Force, Bradford City Council

We’ve had training for some members of the team which has helped greatly. Their knowledge of using the Hub proved useful when trying to locate a fly-tipper who failed to attend court. We wanted to issue a no bail warrant, but we didn’t have a current address. LoCTA Hub has provided not only the fly-tipper’s new address in Kent, it’s also given us a mobile number for them.

We’re now looking to get the newer members of the team trained and using the LoCTA Hub as soon as possible

Vanessa van der Berg, Recovery Team

City of Wolverhampton Council

I have just had training with Jacqueline Davenport on the LoCTA Hub via Teams.

I wanted to express how brilliant the training was. Jackie is so thorough and what I learnt today will be extremely useful in my job. I learnt so much and was underutilising the great capability of this product.

I just wished I had done this training earlier. It is so much easier to see what it can do when someone gives you an overview of the entire system, how to use it, its uses and then to go back over it for guidance and additional support.

Jacqueline is very clear. Her teaching method is ordered, and she is very engaging. She continually checked our understanding and wasted no time. Please can you feed my appreciation back to Jacqueline.

A secure and efficient way of tracing debtors and tackling fraud.